Relationship checkups: this is why they’re so important

It would be a misunderstanding to think you should only talk about your relationship after things went wrong. Even in the healthiest relationships, there will always be hidden tensions beneath the surface. They might not form a real problem yet, but why should you take the risk to let them become one? 

Communication is absolutely crucial in a healthy relationship. However, even though most of us know this, many couples still struggle with it tremendously. A big problem is that in most relationships, it’s just not common to talk about the relationship when there are actually no visible problems. Believe us: by making it a routine to talk about it, in good and bad times, you will strengthen your relationship significantly.

We already hear you thinking: ‘Alright, we’ll talk. But what questions should we ask each other?’ To start, we offer you our free relationship scan. By answering 9 simple questions, you will gain insight in the current state of your relationship. Take this opportunity by not only filling in the scan, but also discussing the results together afterwards. But please: don’t get insulted or angry. Just see this as an opportunity to grow together. You will be surprised about the things you’ll get to know about each other!

And, how did that feel? If you feel like this is just the beginning of strengthening your relationship, we are here to help you. Our Enjoy Your Love Life course will take you through 5 different steps that will turn your relationship into a long lasting one. No expensive counseling, but an innovative course that you can follow at your own pace. Get your first free lesson now!

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