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Module 1

Relationship Values and Expectations

People have different philosophies of love… What’s yours? What does commitment mean to you? What role do you want your love relationship to play in your life? Knowing what you value in a relationship, and why, is essential to building the love life you will fully enjoy. Assuming your partner has the same expectations, can set you up for complications. Work through Module 1 to get on the same page with your partner.
The information you absorbed as a child impacted the philosophies you developed about love. Couples too frequently assume their partner has the same expectations when it comes to relationships. However, what trust and commitment looks like differs from person to person.
Most people start relationships without giving much thought about their expectations. When a relationship ends, they might not even understand what it was about the relationship that made it not work out for them. By looking back at past relationships we can discover which of our needs were met and which needs were left unfulfilled.
Now that both you and your partner are aware of your relationship characteristics from the past, you can start to examine how they inform the values you want to cherish and honor in your relationship with each other.
How do you ensure that the values you identified are honored and cherished in your current relationship? You and your partner need to make a concrete plan to ensure that each of your needs, values and expectations are given space in your relationship.

Module 2

Creating Intimacy

Intimacy is a unique closeness between partners making them feel more content and secure. Intimacy is created by having a strong friendship because you know each other well, appreciate each other, and are attentive and affectionate toward one another. Working through Module 2 will get you there.
Having a vast knowledge about your partner’s past, present and future creates intimacy for couples. Feeling deeply known by your partner makes you feel close to one another. Through this lesson you will reignite your curiosity about one another.
Who doesn’t like to hear people tell them how fabulous they are? During this lesson you and your partner reaffirm how much you love, admire and cherish one another.
Being able to listen well shows your partner that you care about them and that they are important to you. Listening well is a vital relationship skill and is key to building a lasting intimacy.
Couples who are satisfied with intimacy and sex in their relationship are good at expressing it in many ways. They make sex and other expressions of physical affection a priority in their lives. This lesson will help you express your needs and get them met.

Module 3

Celebrating Differences

All couples have areas where they differ in terms of their personalities or lifestyle. Often it is these differences that attracted you to your partner in the first place. However, some of these differences can lead to problems and conflicts, which is normal in any relationship. When there is more understanding of what lies behind each other’s personalities or lifestyle preferences, it becomes easier to navigate the relationship when conflicts arise.
Being able to understand and accept differences is important because these differences can sometimes be a source of resentment and heightened conflict. Pinpointing areas in your personality or lifestyle where there are significant differences will help handle these issues with more ease and understanding.
Dive deeper into understanding one another. Understanding each other is the greatest way for partners to be more empathic and gentle with each other when challenging topics come up during day-to-day life.
The most common mistake people make is to try to change their partner. The goal is to be accepting of your partner’s differences while not having to give up anything that is core to who you are.

Module 4


Conflict is inevitable in relationships and successful couples know that the goal of conflict is to gain understanding. In this Module, you will learn how to make conflict more constructive so it feels like you are growing as a couple by successfully navigating disagreements. Conflict can hurt, but productive conflict resolution helps a couple feel more connected — like they are becoming a more united, stronger team together.

Learning about toxic behaviours and conflict styles, and how to avoid using them, is important in order to increase the quality of a couple’s conflict skills, which in turn will lead to more understanding and successful conflict resolution.

Once you know about destructive communication patterns, you can learn how to use alternative patterns that are more constructive when resolving conflicts. This lesson will help you break bad habits and will enable you to better understand each other.
Stress, sleep deprivation, emotional triggers — all make us quicker to react negatively when conflict comes up. In this lesson you will look at the factors that are likely to influence how both of you react during arguments that might contribute to negativity. You’ll determine strategies for how to handle these difficulties when they arise.

Becoming skilled at recovering from a conflict is key to any lasting relationship. If you don’t revisit conflicts, process them and apologize, it will be hard to build and maintain
trust in your relationship going forward. 

Module 5

Discovering Purpose and Dreams

Sometimes life gets so busy we forget to dream about the future. The more you allow yourself to dream, the more you as a couple can support each other to meet your life’s purpose. In this Module you will learn how to have meaningful conversations around purpose and dreams and work on maintaining your happy relationship
over time.

Some people are adventurous, some are more careful, some want power, and others want connection. Knowing your own temperament and understanding what drives you, will help you lead a more fulfilling life. Learn about the different emotional systems people have, and have a guided conversation with your partner about what drives each of you.
People who actively pursue their dreams have a great sense of purpose and meaning in their life. Couples who dream together and support each other’s dreams feel closer and more connected. In this lesson you will come to understand your aspirations and identify how you can best support each other’s dreams for the future.
Relationships don’t maintain themselves! It’s up to you. Couples who feel very satisfied in their relationship put energy into focusing on their day-to-day lives with one another. This last lesson helps you establish a relationship enhancing ritual practiced by happy couples around the world.

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