Module 1: Relationship Values and Expectations


The information you absorbed as a child impacted the philosophies you developed about love. Couples too frequently assume their partner has the same expectations when it comes to relationships. However, what trust and commitment looks like differs from person to person.

Most people start relationships without giving much thought about their expectations. When a relationship ends, they might not even understand what it was about the relationship that made it not work out for them. By looking back at past relationships we can discover which of our needs were met and which needs were left unfulfilled.
Now that both you and your partner are aware of your relationship characteristics from the past, you can start to examine how they inform the values you want to cherish and honor in your relationship with each other.
How do you ensure that the values you identified are honored and cherished in your current relationship? You and your partner need to make a concrete plan to ensure that each of your needs, values and expectations are given space in your relationship.
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