Enjoy Your Love Life full course

For the cost that is less than one in-person relationship coaching session, you will get the complete Enjoy Your Love Life course. This program covers the important topics of: values/expectations, intimacy, purpose/dreams, celebrating differences, and resolving conflict.

Take as long as you like to complete the program. Your €99 access has no expiration date!


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Would you like to Enjoy Your Love Life?

1.1 Your Relationship Model
Learn how the primary relationships you experienced as a child are impacting your relationship today.

1.2 Your Relationship History
Discover how your past relationships impact how you participate in current relationships.

1.3 Your Relationship Values & Expectations
Work though defining what you need to feel loved, honored, and cherished in a relationship.

1.4 Putting it all together
Make a concrete plan with your partner to ensure that both your needs, values, and expectations will be met.

2.1 Knowing Each Other
Reignite your curiosity for one another through a series of targeted questions.

2.1 Appreciation
Reaffirm your immense admiration for one another. Feel truly loved and appreciated by the end of this lesson.

2.3 Listening Skills
Practice this vital skill that contributes tremendously to successful, long-lasting relationships.

2.4 Physical Affection
Learn the many ways to create and maintain intimacy in your love life.

3.1 Discovering Enduring Differences
Each of you have individual personalities and lifestyles. Assuming you are more similar than you really are is a common mistake couples make.

3.2 Understanding the Origins of Enduring Differences
Build empathy and understanding for each other and be better prepared when relationship challenges arise.

3.3 Accepting Differences
Learn to not only accept but appreciate each other’s differences, which leads to feeling valued and honored by your partner.

4.1 Negative Conflict Styles
Learn about toxic behaviours and conflict styles, and how to avoid using them.

4.2 Changing the way you have conflict
Practice alternative patterns that are more constructive to resolving conflict.

4.3 Fuel to the Fire
Determine strategies for dealing with stress and emotional triggers that make us quicker to react negatively when conflict comes up.

4.4 Recovering from Conflict
Build and maintain trust in your relationship by learning how to manage conflict appropriately.

5.1 What drives you?
Learn about the different emotional systems people have, and have a guided conversation with your partner about what drives each of you.

5.2 Dreams & Aspirations
In this lesson you will come to understand your aspirations and identify how you can best support each other’s dreams for the future.

5.3 Relationship Maintenance
Become completely satisfied in your relationship by establishing a relationship enhancing ritual practiced by happy couples around the world.