Course overview

Module 4: Conflict

Why is conflict important?

Conflict is inevitable in relationships, and without it relationships stagnate. No one is happy all the time and avoiding discussing negativity when it arises creates problems. Successful couples know that the goal of conflict is to gain understanding. You are bound to have uncomfortable feelings in life and being able to discuss these with your partner in constructive, self-disclosing ways will positively impact your relationship. This creates a foundation of trust. And, if you and your partner are willing to hear, understand and ultimately empathize with each other, you will put yourself on the path to a longer, more fulfilling relationship.

What are you going to learn and accomplish?

What are the benefits you will experience after doing this Module?

Clarity and empathy

Understand what constructive conflict looks like.

Better communication

Be able to apply constructive conflict resolution right away whenever you want to bring up or listen to a complaint.

Consensus with your partner

Be able to slow down your conflicts and gain more understanding instead of escalating negativity between the two of you.

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