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Module 2: Creating Intimacy

Why is creating intimacy important?

Intimacy is a unique closeness between partners in a romantic relationship. When a couple has intimacy, they feel more content and secure in the relationship.

Sometimes people might take their partner for granted. They may be focussed on work or children so much that their partner ends up at the end of a long “to-do” list. Just like a plant needs water to grow, a relationship needs focussed attention to create and maintain lasting intimacy.

Intimacy is created through a strong friendship between partners by:

  • knowing each other well
  • being appreciative towards each other
  • giving each other care and attention through active listening
  • being affectionate

This module focuses on strengthening these four areas of the relationship and creating a long-lasting intimacy.

What are you going to learn and accomplish?

You will learn the main components of lasting intimacy and how you can foster these components in your relationship. Specifically, you will learn how to:

What are the benefits you will experience after doing this Module? By working through this Module, you will:

Clarity and empathy

You will feel closer and more connected to your partner.

Better communication

Have a stronger sense that your relationship is the most important relationship that each of you have.

Consensus with your partner

Improved intimacy between you and your partner — more closeness, affection, and a better sex life.

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