Course overview

Module 1: Relationship Values and Expectations

Why is learning about your relationship values and expectations important?

People have different philosophies of love . . . What’s yours? What does commitment mean to you? What kind of role do you want your love relationship to play in your life? 

Knowing what you value and expect in a relationship, and why, is essential to building the love life that you will fully enjoy. Assuming your partner has the same values and expectations, without having explored these areas, can set you up for complications later in the relationship.

This module has four steps. 
First, you explore your childhood experience of your parents’ relationship in order to understand what about their relationship has impacted you most. Second, you do the same for the love relationships you have had in your life.  Third, you examine what you value most and least about those relationships and what impact this has on your current relationship. The last step is where you discuss how to support each other to achieve the relationship you want and need.

What are you going to learn and accomplish?

You will know that you are on the same page in terms of how you see your relationship and the role it plays in your life

The benefits of this module are:

Clarity and empathy

You will clarify the foundation on which you build relationships and discover how that impacts your love life.

Better communication

You will determine whether or not you and your partner are on the same page in terms of how you see your relationship and the role it plays in your life.

Consensus with your partner

Build a concrete plan for what characteristics you and your partner want to have in your relationship.

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