Your ultimate relationship course

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You can have a happy, healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Module 1
Relationship Values and Expectations
Module 2
Creating Intimacy
Module 3
Celebrating Differences
Module 4
How to effectively deal with conflict in your relationship
Module 5
Discovering Purpose & Dreams

Practice makes perfect!

Like anything you want to perfect, it takes a bit of practice. Putting just a small amount of effort into your relationship right now can have huge benefits. The 5 modules in the Enjoy Your Love Life course will help you strengthen your relationship and Enjoy Your Love Life!

No appointment necessary!

It’s the easy, cost-effective and fun way to work toward a better relationship — without having to see a relationship therapist. This course is meant to help couples strengthen their relationships so that they can stand the test of time. You and your partner work through 5 easy steps that prompt deep revelations, thought provoking conversations, and help you build a plan to get the relationship you desire.

Relationship therapy . . . without the “therapy”

Clinical Psychologist Julie Sharon developed this course that you and your partner can work through at your own pace, wherever you like, making it easier and less expensive for you to improve your love life.

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Become kinder toward one another and improve your intimacy. Get started building a long-lasting relationship today with a free lesson of the Enjoy Your Love Life course.